Shabutsu literally means tracing a buddha experience.
You can trace Amida Nyorai, which is the main Zenkoji Amida at main hall. Actually, this is not difficult to trace the image of Amida, so everyone can join this experience. During this experience it is very good to feel thanks for everyday life. Let’s try this experience, and to be calm and peaceful mind at this temple.

What is Amida Nyorai

What is Amida Nyorai

The Amida has infinite life, so it is also called “Muryo Junyorai” in Japan. The Amida is only one buddha who is famous for supreming enlightenment while their buddhism training to save common people who do not do training and can not endure the training.
Also the Amida allows us to be heaven if we chant a sutra while we swear Sijyuu Hachigan which is saving all living things. The teaching of Jodo sect is that we may reach the enlightenment if we train in Gokuraku which is the Amida prepared for us even though it is difficult for ourselves by using the power of Amida.
Characteristics of the Amida is there is no ornament, and the biggest Amida Nyorai in Japan is located in Kamakura city.


place:Zenko-ji Temple
Price:800yen per person
Schedule:Everyday 9:00-20:00